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My Christmas

This Christmas I went on holiday to a place called Maderia. Maderia is a small island near Portugal it is a very nice country. We were staying at the Vidamar hotel in the capital city Funchal. On the first day which was Monday 23rd of December we explored the Hotel and eat at a restaurant called Mama Mia.On Tuesday day 24 December we went to have a walk around Funchal and we found a shopping center when we got back to hotel we went to a cocktail party at the end of it I there was Father Christmas who had gifts for all of the  children. Then we went back to the hotel room to get changed for a Christmas Eve buffet. The next day it was CHRISTMAS DAY!!! Father Christmas left some presents on the balcony ,for once I had a sunny Christmas on Christmas Day we went on another walk around Funchal then we came back to the hotel to the bar to have lunch then we went out for Christmas dinner but I did not have turkey I had steak.On thursday 26 December we went on a sightseeing bus tour around the island.On the Friday we got a cable car up into the mountains and visited the Botanical gardens.On Saturday we suN bathed in the sun all day.on Sunday we got a taxi up into the highest cliff in Europe and the second highest cliff in the world and finally we got the plane on 30th December. That was all of my holiday in Maderia 🙂