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My half term

Hello I hope you’ve all have had a good half term. I went to London this half term to see my Dad. On Sunday I went to Camden  market it was crowded with lots of people.On Monday there was a big storm and when I woke up I looked out of a in the window and next door and there was a  big branch of a tree it was a so big it it went across the hole garden and touched the house and the other next door there was a torn markee.It was mayhem so we got the bus to Brixton  becuase all the trains were closed and got the Underground to Bethnal green and went to the Musem of childhood and st pauls chathedral after that we went to Jamies Italian and then after that we went to Charlie and  the chocolate factory it was amazing it finished at 10pm,on Tuesday we went to see the Buckinghem palace  and then went to St James park and saw pelicans and then got the underground to Tradgolder square and went shopping we went to lots of shops with big and little sister and then went to  an Indian for dinner . Then today we went home..