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My half term,Oliver.

This half term I saw my cousins from Oxford and friends from France over, it was very fun playing with my friends and family. I also had fun on Sundays because I played football against different teams and we lost one and won one . YEAH I scored three goals. Isn’t it fun playing a real football match? We had more fun going to the cinema twice in a row and having a friend over! Oliver.

Josh’s holidays

In the holidays i went to the pictures to watch monsters university and Percy Jackson sea off monsters they great. Oliver and his brother and sister me and my brother and sister went to Williamsons park we saw 3 squirrels and counted all off the steps.On Saturday we went to Ewans house we played for a bit  but my favorite part has to be the fireworks they were brilliant!!!!!!!!! i hope you had a great half term josh. :)