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About Toby

Hello my name is Toby, I like science my favorite thing to do in school is write story’s. My best friends are Charlie and Luke.

Riddle master

Hello, you probably haven’t seen a post like this one before. That’s because I’m starting a new blog series called ‘riddle master!’. This is where I, riddle master will post a new riddle every time the previous riddle is solved. There may be a prise

for correct answers to riddles. Good luck!

The first riddle is: you answer me even though I never ask you any questions. What am I?


ps, comment answeres on this post.


Riddle master First Riddle

Hello Bolton-le-sands! I have decided Every week to post A new Riddle! I have called myself RiddleMaster.If you want a new Riddle then come to BLS Blogsite class 8 Every week to get the new Riddle,post in the comments if you know the answer! Good Luck!

You answer me even though I never Ask you Any questions What am I?

ps.Riddles get harder every week.