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christmas holidays

At Christmas I’m going to Formby, which is near Liverpool. I am so excited to spend Christmas with my daddy, my step mum Amanda,Nana and Grandad and my cousins Olivia and Alfie.  I can’t wait to get my new lap top off mummy and daddy and see what Father Christmas brings. Most of all though I am most most most excited for lots of fun and games and to see our den is still in the woods. I’m going to a pantomine with my family.

I wish you a merry Christmas I wish you a merry Christmas  I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Isabel in China

I landed in Shanghai, after catching up with old friends and seeing old places, my dad booked us a special holiday to Guilin. Dad, my step mum Amanda and I took a flight from Shanghai to Guilin,  and the flight takes around 2 hours.

Guilin is famous for mountains and ‘Kung Fu Panda’ was based on Guilin’s beautiful scenery. We stayed at the ‘Club Med Guilin’, it was great. I did loads of sports such as badminton, archery, table tennis, swimming, trapeze, bungee jump, boules, and last but not least bike riding. In the evening they had a big show every night. Since I was a bit jet legged, I danced until 11pm.

After a great few days, we flew back to the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. I really liked Guilin, it has something for all my moods. Quiet, sporty and disco dancing… I am now going out for a foot massage which is very famous in China as my feet hurts from all my dancing and sport.

Cannot wait to see you all.

Your friend, Isabel Carter